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Polzunov Altai State Technical University

Doctoral and post-graduate courses directorate

About department

Postgraduate and doctoral studies at Polzunov Altai State Technical University are aimed at highly qualified experts who have the highest academic ranking.  The studies target the needs of science, education, innovation and industry, and help to certify university scientists and faculty staff.

Doctoral studies are based on the principle of self-directed in-depth learning, research and academic mobility. They target doctoral thesis and highest academic qualification title — Doctor of Science degree. Doctor of Science diploma is a document issued as proof of the highest recognized academic qualification. Authorized academic schools under AltSTU have priority doctoral training in science, engineering and technology.  If requested by doctoral students, academic tutors (the leading university scholars or scientists from other universities in Russia) are appointed to guide their research progress.

Doctoral degree offers:

  • Up to three years of commitment to doctoral thesis work;
  • Fully-paid/refunded academic trips, assistance in study publishing and releases of articles and abstracts;
  • Extra pay for teaching and research work; participation in scientific and technical programs, grants, themed events, traineerships and internships in leading Russian and foreign research centers.
  • Financial aid for doctoral thesis procedures.
  • Employable privileges upon successful doctoral thesis;

Doctoral students are trained in the following programs:

  • 01.04.07 — Condensed Physics
  • 05.20.1 — Technologies and resources for mechanization in agriculture
  • 05.20.2 – Electrical technology and electrical engineering in agriculture
  • 05.17.06 — Engineering and processing of polymers and composites
  • 05.17.08 — Processes and devices of chemical engineering.

The main tasks for doctoral training and degree-seeking candidates in Polzunov Altai State Technical University are the following:

  • To have in-depth study of theoretic and methodological principles of studied branch of science; 
  • To approach better historical and philosophical training needed for the professional career;
  • To improve foreign language skills in research and professional work;
  • To adopt practices for self-directed research and teaching;
  • To become well-educated for successful scientific and teaching work in the studied branch of science.

The above objectives are pursued after the result of postgraduate professional education (mandatory, optional subjects, elective courses, and research) in accordance with the doctoral curriculum «Regulations for doctoral programs at AltSTU».  The list of research programs for postgraduate studies, and admission policy is available at AltSTU website in the section «doctoral and postgraduate studies”.

On January 1st, 2014 the number of postgraduate and doctoral students made about 400 people. 111 academic tutors guide postgraduate students in 47 accredited postgraduate programs and 17 doctoral tutors guide doctoral students in 11 doctoral programs.