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Polzunov Altai State Technical University

Innovation and science directorate

Vladislav Anatolievich Fedorov Vladislav Anatolievich Fedorov Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor E-mail:
Room: 218 Гк
Telephone: 8 (3852) 29-09-31
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About department

AltSTU science and innovation facilities under the Vice-Rector for science and innovation intend to integrate research complex (university science directorate) with the innovation and implementation structures (innovation development directorate). The university research strategy has the following principles:

  • To initiate applied research and development (if requested by manufacturers and its partners);
  • To increase competitiveness and demand for research solutions, science and practical solutions (by joint international research, analysis of the best international and domestic practices, state-of-the-art research laboratories, expansion of cooperation with research organizations).
  • AltSTU research competences:
    • new information technologies, automated learning systems, design systems and management;
    • engineering, technological and operational solutions for machinery quality assurance;
    • technological and machinery advancing for deep processing of grain crops;
    • new approaches in structural and construction engineering, new structural and engineering solutions;
    • vacuum technology in the economy;
    • saving petroleum –origin fuels; air protection using eco-friendly fuels and alternative engineering solutions in thermal machinery;
    • tools and methods to control environments, substances, materials and products;
    • methodological and methodical problems: how to increase socio-cultural and economic factors of efficiency and quality in technical education in the region;
    • problems for complex nature management and alternative energy;
    • problem studies and methods for adopting and improving the market mechanism, economic and administrative methods at the enterprise and in the region;
    • complex use of raw materials; resource-saving and safe technologies in economy, machinery and engineering.

The research resources of the university — 5 Russian Academy of Science academicians, 146 professors, doctors; 729 associate professors, candidates of sciences; 46 doctoral students, 328 graduate students, 16,280 full-time students.  4 dissertation councils for doctoral and master’s theses are available at AltSTU. Two AltSTU science journals — «Polzunovsky Vestnik» and «Fundamental problems of modern materials science» – have entered the list of Russian citation index journals.

R&D and innovation programs are intended with international participation and have priority status for AltSTU. The international grant program of the European Union TEMPUS project has been successfully adopted in AltSTU. Cooperation with the “Rosnano” Fund in education resulted in 25 small innovative enterprises promoting science and technical research.  AltSTU has contractual obligations as part of Federal Target Program, Russian Research Fund and Russian Humanitarian Research Fund.

The University has 137 title documents for intellectual property, including 40 patents for invention and 13 patents for model, 80 state-registered certificates for computer software programs, 4 know-hows reserved by AltSTU copyright and 8 license agreements. 186 patents and utility models have entered legal force.