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Master Digital Project Management in English at Université Toulouse — Jean Jaurès

Master Digital Project Management in English at Université Toulouse — Jean Jaurès

30.01.2018 08:50

Université Toulouse — Jean Jaurès offers Master Digital Project Management program in English.

The Master DPM trains project managers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs capable of leading dialogue with technical experts while mastering the social stakes of digital. It aims to develop both digital skills and the ability to manage projects and innovation.

Key learning outcomes

Through the master’s degree in the field of project management you:

- take on a project in all its complexity;

- ensure an interdisciplinary dialogue;

- acquire digital skills and the ability to innovate and be creative;

- manage innovation and its externalities. 

The Master DPM thus favors on the one hand the design, development and monitoring of projects using digital technologies and on the other hand, understanding the technical, economic and social issues associated with new technological use.

The training is aimed at English-speaking people who want to acquire skills in the management of innovative projects.


o Coursework instruction is English. Candidates must have a C1 / B2 + level.

o Candidates must have a Bac + 4 level in Humanities, Social Sciences, Political Science, Information and Communication or Engineering School.

Modalities of admission: Candidate selection is based on a two-step process: (1) acceptance of written application and (2) subsequent applicant interview.

According to status

  • 5372€ + library and preventive medicine costs  + eventually Social Security = around 5500€
  • Erasmus: according to convention between universities

Key information

Duration: 1 year

Start: 1 September 2018

Location: Toulouse, France

Registration fee: 5 372€

Prerequisites: English B2+/C1