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The Art of Eurasia. Issue №7

The Art of Eurasia. Issue №7

15.01.2018 09:21

In December 2017 a new issue of the electronic journal»The Art of Eurasia» was published. It is entirely dedicated to a landmark event in the history of Russian culture — the 260th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Arts.

The history of the Academy of Arts dates back to the times of Peter the Great. A charter of the Academy received from the hands of Catherine II, and this fact is embodied in the painting by artist Jacobi «The First Grand Meeting of the Academy of Arts», a reproduction of which is placed on the cover of issue number 7 of the magazine.

The welcoming speech of Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Russian Academy of Arts opens the journal. In his speech he sums up the activities of the Academy and sees its main purpose in preserving the traditions of the Russian school of art.

The main section of the journal is the «Russian Academy of Arts and the Arts of Russia». Four authors from different sides illuminate the stage of formation and ways of development of this unique art institution in modern times. The article of Maria Vyazhevich is devoted to the events of the last two decades of the Academy, and the little-studied page of the history of the Russian Academy of Arts, when it was first headed by a member of the imperial house, Duke Maximilian Leuchtenberg is opened byEvgeny Kirichenko. Oleg Krivtsun talks about the main aesthetic principles of the Russian academic school and their embodiment in the work of leading masters. Turning to the present, Lyudmila Andreeva presents a unique experience of the exposition of the jubilee exhibition using multimedia technologies.

The section «Art of the XX-XXI centuries» contains articles about Russian artists Nikolay Sverchkov, Sergey Milchenko, Kirile Shebeko and Maria Kholmogorova — about their biography and artistic manner.

In the rubric «Eurasian Heritage» the word was given to the outstanding restorer of Old Russian art A.N. Ovchinnikov. Along with an article on the problems of the restoration of monumental art, his video lecture on the restoration of a unique cycle of frescoes in the Meletovo church is also presented.

Among the materials on the reserves and expositions of museums and art galleries, there is a story about a unique collection of medal art (Victor Erokhin) and private collections of paintings in the museum of the Academy of Arts (Veronika-Irina Bogdan).

The art heritage of the honorary foreign member of the Russian Academy of Arts Svyatoslav Roerich is analyzed in the section «Philosophy and Theory of Art» (Sofia Belokurova).

The review of exhibitions of members of the Academy for the last three months is presented in the section «Journal of the Academy».

The electronic journal»The Art of Eurasia» is published quarterly from 2015. Among its founders are the Russian Academy of Arts and Polzunov Altai State Technical University. The editor-in-chief of the journal is Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, AltSTU Professor Mikhail Yu. Shishin.