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Master Class on Chinese Calligraphy

Master Class on Chinese Calligraphy

15.12.2017 11:05

December 8, 2017 the Center for Chinese Language and Culture held an already traditional master class on Chinese calligraphy. The event was attended by students of Chinese language courses, AltSTU students interested in Chinese culture, as well as a group of foreign students from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Indonesia, Egypt under the leadership of ozdnyakova N.V. and Alexeyeva T.Yu, psychologists from the department of psychological adaptation and extracurricular activity.

Calligraphy in China has always been considered one of the most important arts. Researcher of Chinese culture Chen Chimai wrote: «Understanding of Chinese art in all its diverse manifestations must begin with calligraphy. It is the basis of Chinese aesthetics. " Moreover, the art of Chinese calligraphy is very beautiful, it serves as a means of conveying emotions, aesthetic views, moral qualities and character of the master of calligraphy. The Chinese believe that it is also useful — having mastered this art, a person learns diligence and patience, which helps his spiritual growth.

The participants of the event learned the history, got an idea about the five basic styles of Chinese calligraphy, learned what «the Four Treasures of the Study» are. With the help of the teacher Sun Shinkai, the participants of the master class got a chance to touch the art of Chinese calligraphy themselves. They learned the technique of the correct display of Chinese hieroglyphs, the lockstep of writing the hieroglyphics, the rules of the brush and ink. Everyone present could try his or her hand at the art of Chinese calligraphy and pick up the hieroglyph with his own handwriting.