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IIEC Students visited Play «The Bat»

IIEC Students visited Play «The Bat»

17.11.2017 11:09

Students spend the weekend in different ways. For example, IIEC translators decided to visit the Altai Theater of Musical Comedy: the choice was made in favor of the play «The Bat». It turned out that some students first visited the theater — this increased the interest in the presentation and the situation around.

In the production of «The Bat» really has something to see and what to listen to. Beautiful scenery is created by scenery, character actors playing ladies and gentlemen in beautiful costumes, which immerses the viewer in the era of the late 19th century. Of course, the theater’s visiting card is the musical component, which includes the orchestra and the voices of party performers. In addition, the abundance of jokes and comic situations causes laughter in the auditorium.

Foreign students felt participants of the action, thanks to the dialogue of artists with the audience. Despite some difficulties in understanding the musical text, IIEC interpreters caught the plot of the production and understood the jokes spoken. And at the end of the performance, together with all the spectators, standing, greeted the actors playing and shouted «Bravo», although they did not know about this theatrical tradition before.

Already after the performance, foreigners shared their impressions of what they saw. The reviews were positive. P-2 students said: «We laughed very much, especially over the prison attendant…". It became clear that the foreign viewer also managed to plunge into the atmosphere of humor, carnival, and «The Bat» did not leave anyone indifferent.