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Foreign students met with tourism industry representatives

Foreign students met with tourism industry representatives

17.11.2017 11:00

On November 14, the students-translators had a «Travels Day». They met with the famous Barnaul traveler Maxim Lipovik and representatives of the well-thought-out travel agency Avianebo Roman Chutchev and Oksana Gensh.

Maxim Lipovik, head of an advertising agency, public figure, traveler. He told students about his experience of traveling around Russia, Gorny Altai, the world, his hobbies and interests. Students asked Maxim about where to go to Russia, about his favorite places, about the peculiarities of preparation of travels, about where to try real Russian cuisine in Barnaul. They told that they would like to visit Baikal and see the northern lights in Murmansk. The conversation turned out to be very lively and emotional.

Oksana Gensh told about the structure of their agency, services they offer, about  the most popular places in Russia. Roman and Oksana answered numerous questions about what to see in Moscow and St. Petersburg, how to get to Baikal and Ufa, how much is a trip to Moscow, Tuva or Vladivostok. Students talked about interesting places and cities there are in their country, what a toursist should see.

The theme of travel is of great interest and response to foreign students, as the study of language is connected with the comprehension of the country’s culture, the knowledge of its traditions and history.