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Cooperation between AltSTU and the University of Franche Comte

Cooperation between AltSTU and the University of Franche Comte

07.11.2017 09:33

AltSTU has agreed to cooperate with one of the largest classical universities in France — the University of Franche Comte. Rector of the University of Franche-Comte, Mr. Jacques Bahi has signed an agreement on educational, scientific and cultural cooperation with AltSTU. The agreement, previously signed by the rector of the AltSTU Andrey Markov, was handed over to the member of the international cooperation department of the University Franche-Comte Monsieur Maxime Blondel during his visit to the university in late September.

The University of Franche-Comte is one of the oldest in the country (founded in 1423) and has a great experience of international cooperation, including the cooperation with universities of Barnaul. The university comprises 6 faculties, 7 institutes and 4 doctoral schools, as well as research and development associations. The strongest educational areas of the university are biotechnology, engineering and humanitarian sciences. One of the best linguistic research and educational centers in France is the Center for Applied Linguistics (CLA). It cooperates with the French Embassy on the implementation of scholarship programs for advanced training for teachers of the French language. Three AltSTU teachers of the French language (E.A. Tsvetkova, N.G. Basenok (2014), I.A. Kolupanova (2016)) participated in these programs by winning the contest of the French Embassy, and attended skill training courses there.

Irina Kolupanova and Natalya Basenok were also lucky to be invited to the French Embassy in Russia where they had a productive conversation on international education.

«Thanks to these internships, as well as other joint projects with AltSTU (internship by Professor Yu.A. Shaposhnikov in December 2016), some connections have already been established between teachers and services of our universities," adds Natalya Basenok. «It is noteworthy that for students enrolling in a university that has a cooperation agreement with our university it will be much easier to earn a Master’s degree in France, and also it increases the chances of receiving scholarships for training or reimbursement of social costs from the French government."

The French Center of AltSTU invites to visit the website of the University of Franche Comte and get acquainted with its structure and proposed training programs.

The center recalls that knowledge of French is the basis for the successful implementation of any projects of cooperation with France and invite all to learn this language. On the issues of admission to universities in France, as well as scholarships and other projects, it is necessary to apply to the French Resource Center of AltSTU (room 111a GK) or to the group in VC «The French Center of AltSTU».