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AltSTU scientists are going to build energy-efficient house

AltSTU scientists are going to build energy-efficient house

24.05.2016 08:52

Civil Engineering faculty scientists together with specialists of Italian company COGI are going to build experimental low storey energy-efficient house in Barnaul.

COGI is a company, implementing modern technologies in low storey houses building. The company offered to build the house at the site of Barnaul building company. After preparing the foundation, the company will build the above ground level. The house will be equipped with gadgets, measuring temperature, humidity and other factors.

The experiment will last two years. The company is planning to build 2 houses – in the Republic of Panama, with its warm and humid climate, and in Siberian climate in Barnaul. If this technology meets the expectations, it can be implemented.

Such an experiment is carried out for the first time, and AltSTU is very interested in it. Besides AltSTU and COGI, University of Trento (Trento, Italy) also participates in this project.