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Polzunov Altai State Technical University

Rubtsovsk industrial institute

Kutumov Aleksey Anatolyevich Kutumov Aleksey Anatolyevich DIRECTOR Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor

About branch

Rubtsovsk Industrial Institute was established in 1946 as a subsidiary of Altai machinery institute (mow ASTU). The institute has trained more than 5000 engineers for motor and tractor industry and also for agricultural industry of Russia and CIS countries. Recently the institute has been training specialists in energetics, construction, applied mathematics and management. There are four faculties and more than 20 departments which train bachelors and specialists in 8 fields and 9 specialties. The institute training centre also deals with professional development studies and retraining. There is a school of physics and mathematics at the institute.

The institute staff in which there are 58 teachers 10 of whom have academic degrees proveides the education quality. The executives and students of the institute conduct scientific researches. In 1995 the institute got state accreditation.