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Thesis Defence in German at AltSTU

Thesis Defence in German at AltSTU

21.05.2018 14:28

In May, 21 German citizen Rheimer Uwe Tissen defended candidate’s dissertation, on the topic «Justification of the technology of stripe cultivation of soil in the cultivation of crops» at Polzunov Altai State Technical University, headed by Professor Oleg Konstantinovich Nikolsky. The defense of scientific work took place in German.

This is the first experience of the thesis defence of a foreign citizen in Altai Krai in a foreign language. In accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 29, 2017, No. 650, foreigners are granted the right to defend a thesis in a foreign language.

The head of the scientific work is Vladimir Ivanovich Belyaev, professor of AGAU.

The candidate dissertation of Mr. Tiessen is the result of his work in the framework of the International Research Project «Kulunda», in which five universities of Germany and five universities of the Russian Federation took part. The project was aimed at improving the agrophysical properties of the soil, first of all, to preserve moisture in the steppe farming areas of Altai Krai.