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Practical Work of Speech Communication

Practical Work of Speech Communication

09.04.2018 16:25

Practical work of speech communication has successfully been taught to foreign students in the Institute of International Education and Cooperation. 

It is one of the most interesting subjects for them, and its main task for the students is to learn communication with native speakers on different topics. Native speakers are the people of different professions, age, destinies with different speech timber and tempo.  At the meeting with “a guest” the teacher can be a moderator or a spectator concerned. The topics may be different. First, the student have to reveal the character of the interlocutor as a personality, to learn his priorities and views of life and family as well as professional communication, second. The professions most attracting the students’ interest are an artist, a journalist, an actor, a musician and even such intriguing one as a policeman. The third block is an expert assessment including the discussion of modern problems with the experts working in a appropriate field. The discussion of “Ecology and Environment Protection” or “Interregional Cooperation” questions are especially interesting.

Thus, practical work of speech communication is becoming the most important subject for foreign students since after the meeting with the “guest” they evaluate their level of the Russian language leaning on real life. They proudly say they understand 70%.

Communicating with “guests” doesn’t limit with the lessons only. It goes on in social nets and in reality especially with age-mates experts. That makes the Russian language more attractive and comprehensible for the students.