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Логотип АлтГТУPolzunov Altai State Technical University
Regional Center for International Cooperation of West Siberian Universities (RCIC)

Students’ communities

«Polytechnic» student activities are many-sided and diverse. Lectures, seminars,
laboratory work, research work, tests, exams are only a part of student activities.
There is something for everyone when students have their time off. Sports clubs,
interest clubs, arts classes, social study groups are always available for AltSTU

1. The center for culture and media

The University has amateur teams for arts run by competent instructors: showtheater «Kaleidoscope» (more than 30 years in AltSTU), ballroom dance studio «Vernissage», vocal group «Prelude», a modern dance studio, KVN club, theater society, folk dance ensemble «Sudarushka», fashion design studio «Fashion Line» and others.

2. Athletic Club «Polytechnic»

Currently, the university has 17 sports programs: (volleyball, basketball, mini-football, table tennis, Greco-Roman wrestling, sambo, martial arts, boxing, weightlifting, power lifting, and weight-lifting, sports aerobics, wellness aerobics, skiing, athletics, chess, climbing (rock-climbing), and swimming).
Coaches offer their services to anybody who is willing to engage in any of the sports. Anybody engaged in social work has inevitably learnt leadership skills which benefit his/her career after graduation.

3. Labor headquarters

Students work as aids: construction workers, teachers, tourist guides, etc. They are the pride of the university. Student activists earn extra income and gain work experience and professional skills.

4. The Council of Students. Student Government

AltSTU Student Government is the supreme body of governance by students in Altai State Technical University. Student government committees are in charge of various aspects of university routine. AltSTU Student Government is also in charge of interest clubs (student business club, philosophical and discussion club «Zerkalo», intellectual club «Artis», guitar classes club, poetic student club, club for strategy games «Alter Ego», oratorical club, photo and video club and others).