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Polzunov Altai State Technical University
Regional Center for International Cooperation of West Siberian Universities (RCIC)

Russian as Foreign Language

Applicants who are not proficient in Russian may undertake an intensive language course (1–1.5 years) to achieve А1-A2-В1 levels.

The students follow the curriculum to continue their education at one of the faculties of AltSTU or other Russian university. They study the Russian language and subjects specific to their future major:

  • STEM: mathematics, physics, computer science;
  • biomedical science: chemistry, biology;
  • liberal arts: literature, country studies, history;
  • economics: mathematics, economics, computer science, social studies.

The classes begin in September and end on June 25, followed by Russian language and major subjects examinations. Students receive a Pre-University Course Certificate upon completion.


International students who have successfully completed the pre-university courses may take an entrance examination for one of AltSTU Departments or continue their Russian studies via a 1 — or 2-year aca­demic program “Russian language and the basics of translation and interpretation” to achieve B2-C1 levels.

Career opportunities upon completing the program include working as a translatior or interpreter in various business, state or tourism organizations.

Students study Russian grammar, business communication, stylistics, the basics of translation and acquire basic knowledge of Russia as a country. The course puts a special emphasis on oral communication: the classes are often carried out in a speaking-club atmosphere where other native speakers are invited.

The classes begin on September 1 and end in July. Upon completing the course, students are awarded a Certificate of Supplementary Education.