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Логотип АлтГТУPolzunov Altai State Technical University
Regional Center for International Cooperation of West Siberian Universities (RCIC)

Power Engineering

Specialization: Internal Combustion Engines

You will study fundamentals of design of units and assemblies of power plants with internal combustion engines, their manufacturing technology; research and maintenance of highly efficient, environmentally friendly reciprocating and combined internal combustion engines for vehicles and surface transport power installations as well as small-scale mechanization.

Possible careers: internal combustion engine structure engineer; internal combustion engine system planning engineer.

Employment: engineering offices, laboratories, production facilities, repair and operation facilities in any industry that uses and manufactures combustionengine operated power equipment.


Specialization: Boilers, Steam Generators and Combustion Chambers For Atomic Power Plants

You will study maintenance and construction of machinery and units for the production, conversion and consumption of various forms of energy such as steam and hot water boilers and waste heat boilers; steam generators; combustion chambers; nuclear reactors and power plants, heat exchangers.

Possible careers: construction engineer, planning engineer, structural engineer, technical engineering department specialist, engineer-inspector, thermal and mechanical equipment engineer.

Employment: engineering offices, research and development facilities, installation and maintenance facilities, thermal stations, energy equipment production facilities, small-scale and mid-scale power industry facilities