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Логотип АлтГТУPolzunov Altai State Technical University
Regional Center for International Cooperation of West Siberian Universities (RCIC)

Power Industry and Electrical Engineering

Specialization: Electrical Equipment and Maintenance For Enterprises, Organizations and Institutions

You will study operation and maintenance procedures for electric power systems and networks, including electrical power stations and substations, electrical facilities and networks for institutions and organizations, low voltage and high voltage electrical equipment, electrical engineering installations, power electronics, insulating materials and installations.

Possible careers: electrical safety specialist; electric shielding specialist who understands the issues of energy preservation and efficiency of industrial technologies, as well as capable of designing electrical installations and networks based on renewable sources.

Employment: power/manufacturing industry.


Specialization: Electrical Drive and Automation

You will study automatic devices and systems for controlling energy flows; electric machines, installations and electric heating devices; electric drives and automation of mechanisms and technological complexes in industrial, household and agricultural settings; automated electric power systems; converter equipment; electric power drives; technological and auxiliary installations; numerically controlled machine tools, their automation, control and diagnostic systems.

Possible careers: circuit solutions development engineer, electric drive engineer, converter equipment operator, microprocessor control system developer.

Employment: power/manufacturing industry.


Specialization: Electrical Power Supply

You will study electrical installations, supply and distribution networks, including step-down and converter substations, which supply electricity directly to industrial facilities, their technological complexes and electrical receivers of enterprises of all technological purposes, as well as cities and towns, agricultural regions and production facilities.

Possible careers: electrical systems maintenance specialist or manager; energy security specialist, engineers; electrical power research specialist; researcher of self-generated power supply and power plants operating on wind or solar energy.

Employment: power/manufacturing industry.