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Polzunov Altai State Technical University
Regional Center for International Cooperation of West Siberian Universities (RCIC)

Surface Transport and Technology

Specialization: Motor Cars and Tractors

You will study and acquire fundamental scientific, technical, engineering and mathematical knowledge; learn the fundamentals of designing cars and tracked vehicles using computer simulation. Theoretical knowledge is aquired during practical training sessions at leading enterprises of Russia.

Possible careers: any position that involves designing, manufacturing, testing, operating, repairing and maintaining cars, tractors and other mobile machines.

Employment: automobile and tractor manufacturing plants, motor transport enterprises, technical service stations for cars and tractors, insurance companies, tuning firms, law enforcement agencies.

Specialization: Agricultural Business Technology

You will study fundamentals of designing, manufacturing and servicing machinery using agricultural machinery as an example, developing effective technical solutions for the design, manufacture and operation of various agricultural machinery and equipment. Practical work experience is gained during practical training at the leading enterprises of agricultural engineering in Russia, as well as in the service departments of organizations implementing agricultural machinery. The faculty has a student design bureau, where students gain additional professional experience.

Possible careers: planning engineer specializing in design and calculation, production technologist, test research engineer, operation engineer, repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery and other  transport and technological vehicles.

Employment: facilities specializing in manufacturing agricultural machinery and other types of transportation and processing machinery, as well as at maintenance and repair facilities.