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Логотип АлтГТУPolzunov Altai State Technical University
Regional Center for International Cooperation of West Siberian Universities (RCIC)

Cyber Security

Specialization: Cyber Security Management Techniques

You will study computer systems manipulation; automated systems manipulation; information systems manipulation as well as communication and telecommunication systems manipulation; modern programming languages, techniques and methods; regulatory and legal framework of cyber security; safety and security arrangements for complex cyber security measures used in information systems and computer networks; software, hardware, technological and cryptographic methods of protecting information; fundamentals of computer networks administration.

Possible careers: cyber security officers; equipment installation, adjustment, repair and maintenance engineers specializing in software and hardware cyber security measures; complex cyber security systems designed for organizations using software, hardware and cryptographic means and methods of protecting information; audit and certification of automated systems specialist; cyber security norms and regulations specialist.

Students also receive sufficient theoretical and practical training in information and communication technology to allow them to choose careers in system administration, database administration, programming, soft ware development, hardware development, web application development, automated information system development for all intents and purposes.

Employment: national and local government agencies, financial and commercial organizations and insitutions.