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Polzunov Altai State Technical University

Institute of Strategic Development

About department

Vladimir Andreyevich Borodin

Director, Doctor of Economic Science, professor

Institute of Strategic Development was created by the order of AltSTU Rector № Д-294, dated 05.11.2013, by the directive of AltSTU Academic Council.

The main objectives of the Institute:

  • To develop strategic cooperation and development programs for the University;
  • To conduct marketing research and competitive analysis of the markets of labor, goods and services;
  • To assist areas, business and organizations in the development and implementation of development programs, scientific-technical and innovative projects;
  • To develop investment projects aimed at improving the efficiency of the regional economy;
  • To offer services (consulting, marketing, engineering, information and etc.) to business and organizations;
  • To participate in programs of interregional and international business, economic, scientific and technical cooperation;
  • To organize conferences, seminars on issues of territorial economic development;
  • To conduct research and involve AltSTU post-graduate students in research, etc.