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Polzunov Altai State Technical University
Innovation and science directorate

Fields of research

The major scientific fields of research are the following:

  • information technologies and computer-aided systems of training, engineering and management
  • construction, technology and exploitation quality insurance of machinery
  • cereal crops advanced processing machines and technology development
  • new engineering and construction materials development
  • vacuum engineering in national economy
  • oil fuel saving and air pollution control with the use of prospective fuels and unconventional engineering solutions in thermal engines
  • tools and methods of environment, substances, materials and products control
  • methodological and methodical problems of social, cultural and economic factors of regional technical education efficiency and quality
  • integrated natural management problems and unconventional energetics
  • problems and methods of market mechanism development, business and management structures in the region
  • rational utilization of raw materials, recourse-saving technologies, machines and facilities development 
  • scientific and methodological supporting of academic activities

The list of directions and projects for international scientific and technical cooperation development