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Polzunov Altai State Technical University

Grand Altai Development Institute

Mikhail Yuryevich Shishin Mikhail Yuryevich Shishin DIRECTOR Doctor of Philosophy, professor E-mail:
Room: 101 Main Building
Telephone: +7 (3852) 29-87-36
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About department

Grand Altai Development Institute (GADI) was created for more efficient and effective cooperation of AltSTU with research and educational institutions, organizations and enterprises of the region of the Grand Altai in supporting and developing economic, research and technical potential of the region.

Main objectives:

  • To coordinate University cooperation in science and education with the regions of the Grand Altai;
  • To support R&D in AltSTU to strengthen science and technology ties with the associations of the Grand Altai region;
  • To offer informational support in search of foreign partners for the implementation of the proposals in business and / or technology, joint educational programs, research fellowships, academic practices;
  • To conduct market research and competitive analysis in the markets for labor, goods and services in the Grand Altai region;
  • To assist regions, business and organizations to develop and implement  science, technology and innovation projects;
  • To participate in the programs developing interregional and international business, science, technology and educational relations;
  • To participate, organize and hold workshops, conferences and seminars on the development of the Grand Altai region;
  • To hold research by GADI postgraduate and master students in AltSTU.