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Polzunov Altai State Technical University

Academic council

Andrey Mikhailovich Markov Andrey Mikhailovich Markov RECTOR Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor E-mail:
Telephone: +7(3852)29-07-10
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About department

The Academic Council is an elective representative structure which carries out the overall university management.

The major Council activities are the following:

  1. The university structure development and reorganization
  2. The university development conception
  3. Managing the university structures academic councils activities.
  4. Conducting conferences
  5. The university rector election organization
  6. Considering and making decisions on the basic university activities
  7. Teaching staff and officers attestation
  8. Educational process organization and control
  9. Questions considering wages, scholarships, grants payments.
  10. Making decisions about university property and land leasing
  11. Other questions which need to be considered collectively