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Polzunov Altai State Technical University
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IIEC Students attended several January events

IIEC Students attended several January events

02.02.2018 10:48

The second half of January is full of a lot of events, where IIEC students have actively took part.

January 18 in the hostel number 1, in the kitchen, passed a master class to cook dishes of Russian cuisine. The students learned how to cook crushed potatoes with fresh herbs, various pies with vegetable and meat fillings, and borsch. They tried to cook all these Russian dishes.

And the next day, January 19, the day of Epiphany, students from Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and China came to lunch on a guided tour. They looked with amazement at the brave and slightly crazy Russian people who were not afraid to descend into icy water at a temperature of -18 ° C. They did not dare to plunge after Barnaul: the bravest only washed holy water.

January 20 was a visit to the concert hall «Siberia», where a joint concert of the State Orchestra «Siberia» and the State Youth Ensemble of Song and Dance of Altai «My Song — Russia!" was held.

The students spent were very satisfied, took a lot of photos and shared them in various social networks.