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Polzunov Altai State Technical University

Concurrent Training Faculty

Aleksey Sergeevich Baranov Aleksey Sergeevich Baranov DEAN Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor E-mail:
Room: 203a G
Telephone: +7 (3852) 29-07-66
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About faculty

The faculty of Concurrent Training was established in ASTU in 2001.

The faculty deals with second professional education. The faculty teachers are highly qualified specialists with wide working experience. The students are trained with the use of modern education technologies and computer techniques. The faculty students have the opportunity to get the second education together with getting their first education or with working. The faculty graduates can find a good job as qualified specialists and they can also continue their studies at post-graduate courses.

In 2008 the first foreign student from Vietnam entered the faculty. The faculty managers hope that in the nearest future foreign students will be more interested in getting the second high education.